• analyses of active and fossil processes of the alpine tundra, as well as, modeling their dynamics
  • determining the location and age of past glacier advances-, luminescence dating
  • analyses of characteristics of periglacial landforms, the explanation of spatial distributions and activity of periglacial processes
  • the velocity changes of rock-glaciers – based on field, remote sensing and GIS-methods
  • analyses of wind effects on surface evolution and sedimentation, monitoring eolian debris transportation by installing sediment traps, exploring the role of eolian erosion and accumulation in the tundra area, studying the structures and development of megaripples
  • exploring the meltwater impact on sand-blankets, subsurface snow, firn and ice
  • analysis of consequences of ground-ice melting on fluvial morphology: hydrographical, hydrological and geomorphological changes
  • investigations of geomorphological consequences of ephemeral streams from snow- and ice-melting
  • meltwater based high-mountain lake-evolution: the geomorphologial and sedimentological background

ojos geomorphology



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