Expedition 2016

Ojos del Salado, Puna de Atacama

  • download of the data loggers (4200-6893 m asl)
  • instrument change as required
  • geoelectric measurements to determine the presence of subsurface ice (at 4200, 4550, 5200 and 5800 m asl)
  • microbiological sampling between 3800 and 6500 m asl from wet environments (lakes, streams)
  • installation and operation of a mobile micrometeorological station at 5800 m asl
  • sediment collection from the aeolian sediment traps
  • geomorphological analysis of megaripple-system - the role of frozen snow-cover
  • moraine-sampling to determine the age of the last glacier presence
  • sediment and water samples and fumarola temperature measurements at 6500 m asl
  • DataHunters: popular science fims series


Expedition 2016

Permachile in numbers

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Temperature change