Expedition 2020

Ojos del Salado, Puna de Atacama

  • download of data loggers (4200-6893 m asl)
  • instrument change as required
  • morainic material sampling for dating the last glacier advance (5200-5300 m asl)
  • ephemeral meltwater stream-, and valley analyses (5000-5500 m asl)
  • sediment sampling for microbilological analyses from the ground temperature monitoring sites (4200-6893 m asl)
  • drone-based, high-accuracy 3D and geomorphological mapping in the abandoned glacier valley on the northern flank of Ojos del Salado (5200-5400 m asl)
  • meltwater sampling for microbiological analyses (5800 m asl)

Torres del Paine

  • installation of data loggers (in the previously planned sites and depths)  to analyze the presence of permafrost and the characteristics and processes of the active layer from 1050 to 1250 m asl in the area of Paso Gardner
  • sediment sampling at monitoring sites from all measurement depths
  • investigation of glacial and periglacial forms and processes

Permachile in numbers

Number of data
Temperature change