Permafrost and active layer research

Installation of long term monitoring systems for ground temperature measurements. Based on these data the determination of spatial distribution of the permafrost, the permafrost and active layer changes, exploring the local freeze-thaw cycles and the moisture sources of the ground.

The main methods are:

  • geostatistical data processing (e.g. analyses of behavior of ground temperature)
  • sediment analyses: particle size distribution, porosity, hygroscopicity – defining the water/ice retention capability and the flow of liquid water
  • remote sensing based snowcover-analyses: determination of insulating effect of local snow-cover
  • thermal model-development: the analysis of the permafrost based regolith for determining the ice/water phase changes of the active layer, the depth changes of the active layer, the lenght changes of the melting period, the water content of the active layer

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Permafrost Research

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