Permachile in numbers

Number of data
Temperature change

Permachile meter

Data collected: Number of temperature data collected hourly by the dataloggers of the monitoring systems from 2012

Days: The total lenght in days of the monitoring activity

Temperature change: Warming of the regolith (-10 cm) on the Ojos del Salado at 6750 m a.s.l. based on mean monthly temperatures (2012-2020)

permachilemeter fig1

3D visualization of the change of the phase index (PI) due to temperature change in the regolith, at -10 to -100 cm depths on the Ojos del Salado at 5830 m a.s.l. (2012-2018). Scale from blue to light grey representing water (PI=0) to ice (PI=1), the six depressions show the progress of thawing during the six years

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